Scholarships are financial aid rewards that are used to help college students to pay their education. Scholarships fall into at least five different categories and two of them are are merit and need based. The other three types are student, career or college specific. Scholarships can come from a variety of sources and there even some unusual scholarships which are available for students as well. Unusual scholarships can be an alternative way for students to gain extra funding to put toward their education.

Believe it or not, left handed college students can receive an award just for being left handed. There are a few scholarships that have been available to students for this purpose. Some college students who are tall in height can also receive unusual scholarships for having this type of body characteristic. Short college students shouldn’t feel left out when it comes to scholarships because there are some available for people who have a short stature size.

Athletes that don’t mind posting a picture on the web with a milk mustache could also win a scholarship to help them with their school expenses. High school students that enjoy caddying could win a scholarship for their love of this game. Most people think of marbles as a child’s game but there are  unusual scholarships available for people who compete in and win marble tournaments. Students who are skateboard activists could win a college scholarship to apply toward school.

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Oddball geniuses who can write really well can also receive an unusual college scholarship for possessing this type of ability. Individuals who can make an item out of wool can win a unique scholarship that is based off of this talent. High school students attending a prom in duct tape can earn a nice sized scholarship to put toward their education.

People have at least one type of talent and for some individuals their talents might seem a little unusual in the grand scheme of things. There are scholarships for individuals who have a natural talent for winning duck calling contests. Young adults that enjoy saving certain animals such as deer or mule could receive a scholarship for their efforts. Vacuum coating might not seem like a lively profession to pursue but there are unusual scholarships available for people interested in this line of work. Science fiction television shows also make scholarships available for their fans.
A post graduate psychology student can get a unusual scholarships for applying their knowledge in the area of aroma therapy. Some students can have a last name that can earn them some extra funds to put toward their college expenses. Scholarships are available from sources that provide students with a certain amount of money for having the same last name as the person that founded the scholarship. There are some students who are able to earn money for wanting to work as a potato farmer. Certain government organizations offer scholarships to high school students that are able to explain a lot about how the organization operates. Some students can also receive college funding for making economic predictions.

2 Min SCHOLARSHIP Information!

Certain groups of people who live a particular lifestyle are also able to obtain a scholarship. Vegetarians can receive financial aid for living a lifestyle free from meat. People who are interested in paranormal psychology could also receive a reward for an interest in this activity. Unusual Scholarships can be earned for reading certain books from certain authors. College scholars can even get a scholarship for recording space music.

A few soft drinks organizations offer soft drinks to students who are interested in soft drink careers. Space art scholarships are available for students who are interested in pursuing this type of endeavor as a career. Students can also earn scholarship money by promoting organ donation.

Kinship scholarships are also available for people who can prove that they had previous relatives that are related to a scholarship founder’s past relatives. Celebrity scholarships are available for people interested space related organizations. Students can receive a scholarship for confectionary technology. Individuals who are into fat activism can also obtain a scholarship for use.

Students who are interested in throwing container parties can also receive a scholarship for this type of activity. Mycologists or people who study molds, spores and funguses and scholarships are available for students who want to pursue this type of employment opportunity. Many unusual scholarships are out there and with a little effort students could possibly find the extra funding that they need in order to help cover their college tuition.

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